8 Femme-Domme Delights

by Ken Phillips

Publisher: Ken Phillips

Publication Date: March 01, 2019

ISBN: 9781386111696

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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As readers know, I have spent the past twenty years meeting as many strong, skilled, Dominant women as possible. This book showcases 8 of the very most fascinating and Dominant women that I have ever had the pleasure or corresponding with.

Candi and Michelle are blonde knockouts and sisters. The two ladies had been overweight but those days are well behind them. Both women first got going with weight-lifting and then a few years later they found the world of MMA. Learning to grapple and stand-up-fight became their passion. You'll love to hear from these two ladies and see how their Dominance has effected the men in their lives. If you love 20-something blonde bombshells then you'll love these two sisters.

Ronda's husband tried getting physical with her after fourteen years of marriage. Ronda, however, is not a woman to mess with! She kicked his ass…and that isn't all she kicked. Ronda then got divorced before her ex made a full-court-press to get her back. Ronda was not going to accept any nonsense if she was going to give Walt a chance. This beautiful, powerful woman took total control of her ex-husband in every way possible. How does a woman feel when she breaks her ex nearly in half? How does the husband feel when he is floored by his ex-wife and further emasculated? It's ALL here!

Mara and Kelly are up next and these two are all-time-greats. Mara came to the United States from Columbia as a track athlete. Enjoy awesome pics of Mara and learn all about how she has gotten so strong and become a lethal grappler and striker. Mara will knock you off your feet! Kelly is married to Bryce and these two are a wonderful couple. Kelly decides to construct a makeshift Dungeon in their family's Summer home. Although she's shorter than Bryce, Kelly is much stronger and she's heavier than her husband. You will be fascinated by the dynamic that exists between these two. Bryce has a powerful, ideal wife who has permanently confiscated his ...