7 Years in Peru

From Death’S Door to Heaven’S Gate
by Greg Ruppert
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: June 21, 2017

ISBN: 9781543415292

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A chance to play it forward with a story of awakening and rebirth that takes place in the dark Jungles of Peru. A man, Greg Ruppert, filled with pain, fear and despair, is led away from death’s door to a land filled with laughter, light and freedom. He goes on a real-life adventure making the discovery of a lifetime by following a jungle man’s hand book that is filled with the treasures of truth and knowledge. This is not another book about one more cancer survivor, but rather a Indiana Jones-like jungle expedition, where a man is taken away to Neverland by a real-life Peter Pan and given the adventure of a life time. Following his shaman’s mystical Ayahuasca trail to a paradise filled with energy and light, Greg’s reaches into the darkness to find a power of unimaginable life force that exists within each one of us. From the concrete Jungles of LA to the dark green Jungles of Peru. A journey though time and space.