7 Slates of Success

by Wilson LaFaurie

Publisher: Wilson A. LaFaurie, Esq.

Publication Date: October 22, 2018

ISBN: 9781732734920

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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The Slates of Success is written by Brooklyn Trial Attorney Wilson A. LaFaurie, it is based on a meeting between a 90 year old homesless man, named Pierre Smith, and Walter, a young man that takes Pierre into his home.   Walter believes that he is doing a good deed by housing this elderly gentleman, but he finds out that it is the other way around.   One day Pierre vanishes, yet he leaves behind a box of 34 books.  Walter reaches the mind-blowing conclusion after reading the books that, all endeavors, be it, losing weight, getting physically fit, career advancement, compeitive success, better health, or academic excellence can be attained through the 7 Slates of Success.

Within a time period of 10 years, Walter utilizes the 7 Slates of Success and attains all of his goals, he becomes a wealthy lawyer, an accomplished pilot and a best selling author but he realizes, as he ages, that there was a missing link in his life.   These principles have existed for thousands of years and now they have been discovered.

The characters are endearing, the relationships are enviable and the 7 Slates of Success are necessary for anyone who desires to conquer their circumstances in life.    The attainment of any compeitive life requires the right combination of principles that create the perfect formula.   Use that formula in your business, in your classes and in all aspects of your health.