7 Keys to Connection

How to Move Beyond the Physical and Emotional Trauma of a Disconnected Culture
by Joy Lynn Freeman
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Publisher: SoundStar Productions

Publication Date: June 30, 2018

ISBN: 9780962386183

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Are you trying to get your Life Rolling Forward but keep Falling Backwards and just can’t understand why? 

**                      Learn to Heal the Wounds of Trauma and Disconnection**

  • Are ongoing states of loneliness, relational challenges, depression or anxiety your norm?
  • Do you engage in addictions that limit your peace and satisfaction with life?
  • Are you frustrated by unrelenting physical health or emotional Issues?
  • Are you challenged by feelings of unworthiness, insecurity or of not being good enough?
  • Have you tried seeking help but to no avail?

In 7 Keys to Connection, you’ll learn leading edge techniques primarily taught to therapists that can move you beyond negative thought, behavior, and physical or emotional patterns. And it’s change that lasts! Why? because you create new brain pathways to build connection within yourself, with others, and with life itself.

              Find Freedom from Persistent Patterns of Health, Emotions and even Addictions.
Gain a deep understanding of yourself, your motivations, and even your conflicting emotions, as well as causal cultural factors – that are not your fault!  Many tools and resources lead to true self love and compassion that can transform the toughest of wounds.

 Integrating the 7 Keys into your life creates a relationship of Trust with Self and Spirit that builds a Foundation of Strength. This foundation gives you the Courage to take the risks necessary to manifest a life that connects to the Truth of who you are—free of the addictive patterns, conditions, beliefs and behaviors that hold you back. From this balance, struggle falls away and you can find purpose, meaning and give your best gifts to the world!

**            The book provides all the tools you will need to change your life in amazing ways**
....if you commit to doing the work.