7 Estoic Lessons To Apply In Your Life Since Now!

by Tarasido Maccaa

Publisher: Tarasido Maccaa

Publication Date: January 05, 2019

ISBN: 9780463382257

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As a result, we allow ourselves to be seduced by processed food, junk television, football, sofa, constant leisure and the excessive consumption of unnecessary things.

If I told you that changing your philosophy of life can help you, you would probably hesitate.
After all, the philosophy they teach at school is impractical: theological and metaphysical questions, cosmological arguments, Hegelian dialectics ...

Surely it has not served you much.

But in classical Greece, there were philosophical schools that were not limited to intellectual exercises. His ultimate goal was to teach to live, to teach to make better decisions.

Of them, my favorite is stoicism.