7 Deadly Sins - The Actor Overcomes

Business of Acting Insight By the Founder of the Actors’ Network
by Kevin E. West

Publisher: BookBaby

Publication Date: May 13, 2016

ISBN: 9781483571287

Binding: Kobo eBook

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7 Deadly Sins The Actor Overcomes provides a unique approach to the profession of acting. The profession of acting is a vastly different conversation than the artistic desire to perform. One could argue the business of performance art may be the most difficult relationship you ever have with yourself. The desire to perform on stage is innate. The credibility afforded the actor who performs regularly on stage is well earned. However, your belief system about the art, when challenged by the desire to make money acting on camera, can be an emotional and psychological conundrum. 7 Deadly Sins The Actor Overcomes provides a fundamental toolkit to increase the likelihood of success in your on-camera acting career, while protecting the delicate balancing act of offering your psyche and soul as a product for sale. This work will also guide you through many of the emotional and philosophical traps that snare actors almost every day. 7 Deadly Sins The Actor Overcomes has no interest in, nor does it attempt to marginalize, the importance of theatre or stage work. Live theatre is the cradle of scripted performance. This work both acknowledges and applauds those who make a living at it. Many actors are able to use theatre work to make a living and increase their credibility, based on the specifics of their regional marketplace. Even so, theatre work may not lead to or assist in the development of an on-camera career, leaving some actors in a sea of self-doubt. Yes, there are actors all over the world who make money performing on stage. However, the strategies, concepts and techniques introduced in this work do not often relate to the business protocol of stage acting. If you predominately have only worked on stage, the process of evolving from one medium to the other can be a grueling transition commonly avoided by actors. Scripted film and television is referred to as theatrical work in the United States of America. To say you want to be a working actor is easy.