60 Innovative Cognitive Strategies for the Bright, the Sensitive, and the Creative

New Investigations Into the Home of the Mind
by Eric Maisel
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Publisher: Taylor and Francis

Publication Date: March 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781351203739

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In this book, Dr. Maisel employs the metaphor of "the room that is your mind" to provide 60 cognitive strategies that enable smart, sensitive, creative clients to engage in dynamic self-regulation for greater awareness, insight, and enhanced mental capabilities. Issues that are examined include repetitive and obsessional thinking, self-criticism and a lack of self-confidence, anxiety and depression, reliving traumatic memories, and overdramatizing and catastrophizing. This is the perfect book for cognitive-behavioral therapists to suggest to clients and will be of great interest to clients whose needs for imaginative and metaphorically rich strategies often go unmet.