50+ Kinds of Intuition

& Exercises for Moving to the Next Level
by Susan Sophia James

Publisher: BookBaby

Publication Date: September 21, 2017

ISBN: 9780979839931

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Forget the old concept of intuition that is only for some people and not for everyone-there is no need to feel others have it and you don't. Ever feel the hairs go up on the back of your neck? Whether you want to stay professionally at the top, make better choices or have experienced some or many kinds of intuition, this comprehensive study provides simple to advanced explanations that demonstrate the significant contribution intuition makes in all areas of life. Dr. Susan Sophia James, a doctor of Behavioral Health and Integrated Medicine from Arizona State University, is a seer and intuitive. She uses her 25 years of experience and research to distinctly categorize and explain how intuition serves us and helps our evolution in business and our personal lives. With real life examples, 50+ Kinds of Intuition is the groundwork text for advancing in intuition studies. This in-depth examination teaches, •Twelve examples that give credence to commonly dismissed experiences establishing we are all intuitive that will surprise you •Fourteen methods to tap into your intuition •Clear descriptions of the different ways intuition occurs with and beyond our five senses •The four kinds of dreaming that provide intuitive information •Ten kinds of intuitive abilities used in healing •Advanced abilities and less known abilities, plus the eighteen ways sound, subtle sound, and music are part of intuitive abilities •Exceptional video links and vivid images that illustrate concepts •How to get inspired to expand your abilities 50+ Kinds of Intuition is book one of the Energy Medicine Trilogy. Book two is Energy Medicine Primer, Awakening the Science of the Auric Field & Chakras. Book three is Fields of Light, Dynamic Explanations of Over 40 Vivid Images of the Auric Field & Chakras & Mental, Emotional & Physical Relationships. Each of the books corresponds to online and live courses in the Intuition Evolution® certification.