50 Events That Shaped American Indian History: An Encyclopedia of the American Mosaic [2 volumes]

by Donna Martinez & Jennifer L. Williams Bordeaux
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Publisher: ABC-CLIO

Publication Date: December 31, 2016

ISBN: 9781440835773

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This powerful two-volume set provides an insider's perspective on American Indian experiences through engaging narrative entries about key historical events written by leading scholars in American Indian history as well as inspiring first-person accounts from American Indian peoples.

• Allows readers to understand the history of Indian communities and tribal governments in the United States and to consider complex and controversial questions on how to begin improving conditions for Indian communities in the 21st century

• Highlights American Indian contributions to U.S. culture, economy, and politics

• Includes first-person accounts and narratives as well as excerpts from official documents, letters, and other primary sources that help bring American Indian history to life and present a more personal look into the experiences of tribes

• Addresses the historical and legal misconceptions as well as stereotypes affecting American Indians that continue to persist today