365 Days Until …

The Journey to Our Wedding
by Ahesha Catalano & Alexander Catalano
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Publisher: Abbott Press

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781458200402

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Every married couple has their own meaningful talesand occasionally horror storiesof wedding preparation. Few couples, however, have that time as intricately and intimately documented as Alexander and Ahesha Catalano. 365 Days Until : The Journey to Our Wedding details the year-long journey to the Alexander and Ahesha Catalanos wedding day. Every night, for 365 days prior to their wedding, they recorded everything they did in preparation for the wedding. They chronicled all of the foolishness, the things they learned about each other, and the things they learned about marriage, each in their own journal. They considered everything from mundane details to what it would take for them to reach their golden anniversary. Most importantly, they wrote about all the fun they had coordinating their wedding and how much they truly adore one another. But theres a twistneither of them read each others journal until after they were married. Independent of each other, they captured all of their emotions at each step in the process of organizing their most important day. What began as a way for them to keep everything organized for their wedding accidently turned into something much, much more important. 365 Days Until : The Journey to Our Wedding offered an opportunity for Alex and Esha to share all of their most intimate thoughts and fears about getting married with each other, and it will encourage others in preparation for their own wedding day.