365 Daily Vision Nuggets

Wise Quotes for Life, Home, & Business
by Fumi Hancock
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Publisher: Cambium Break Holdings, LLC

Series: Your Vision Torch Series

Publication Date: January 01, 2016

ISBN: 9780990584834

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Your Vision Torch™ series is just that, like a light down a dimly lit path, a bright, beautiful, and bold wisdom packed life manual for successful and very soon to be successful individuals. I challenge anyone to read Your Vision Torch from cover to cover and be inspired! Truly this has impacted me, and I know many others, to achieve your dreams and goals not just for the sake of oneself, but also for us all!
Thank You Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock, for all of the good you pour into others!

-Award Winning Interior Designer/Stager

365 Daily Vision Nuggets Wise Quotes for Life, Home, & Business, part of Your Vision Torch™ series, is a simple inspirational quotation book, which is designed to boost your emotions, at your fingertip. These wisdom nuggets will provide some joyous discoveries that will enhance your worldview, ultimately helping you to see life’s daily challenges as opportunities for growth and personal enhancement. It will give you some down time away from your barrage of stressful thought process, allowing you to enjoy your little steps of victory & success.  They provide delightful and insightful boost you require on a daily basis. More importantly, these carefully thought out quotes are aimed at helping to put some unique perspective as well as tailor your emotions, regardless of where you are in life and where you believe you ought to be.

Live Life full and leave it empty!
-Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock, BSN, MA, DNP.