321 Down Street

by Keven Card

Publisher: Storehouse Publishing

Series: John-Michael's Journey

Publication Date: January 29, 2016

ISBN: 1230000857680

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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The Only Question Is Will Their Love Survive?

When Sara and Jacob find out they’re pregnant with a baby boy, nothing could make them happier. They were your typical expecting parents - deeply in love, deliriously excited to be starting a family. However, their hopes are dashed when the doctor gives a recommendation for Sara to take an AFT.

Five words change their destiny forever... “Your son has Trisomy 21”

Their perfect love story unexpectedly spirals into panic, and their dream shatters with it – devastating Sara. Jacob, confused and troubled with the situation, tries to prompt Sara into following the doctor’s suggestion: terminate the pregnancy; assuring her that they can try again. Sara angry at even the thought of destroying the life inside of her, rejects him.

Their love, marriage and future suddenly start to fall apart; sending them both on very different journeys…

Chapter 1 - Bacon

Sara stared out the window in awe. The branches of the trees in the backyard swayed back and forth in the light breeze, the sun’s rays piercing through the leaves causing shadows to dance across the wilted grass. Sara practically floated around the kitchen in her excitement which filled the room along with the smell of the sizzling bacon she was cooking. After years of being married, Sara knew exactly how to rouse her husband from sleep, and she knew that the aroma would eventually coax him out of bed. Elated, she let out a girlish laugh.  Today is going to be perfect, she thought.

Sizzling and crackling sounds from the frying bacon echoed from the kitchen. She was certain that last pop would have woke him up but she didn’t care because she was having too much fun. She let her hand rest on her pregnant belly, patting it affectionately. “I hope you like it out here,” she murmured to herself and as if on cue, she felt a tiny flutter in her stomach.