30-Second Meteorology: The 50 most significant events and phenomena, each explained in half a minute

by Adam A. Scaife & Julia Slingo DBE FRS
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Publisher: The Ivy Press

Series: 30-Second Series

Publication Date: February 13, 2016

ISBN: 9781782403760

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The weather affects our daily decisions from what to wear, how to travel and when to leave the washing out. We know that blue skies bode well but why is the sky blue, does every cloud have a silver lining and is climate change an act of god or manmade?

30-Second Meteorology features 50 of the most significant events and phenomena to shower down from the skies, all explained without the bluster. Each entry is summarized in a mere half minute – using just 300 words and one picture. Leading climate and atmospheric scientists present an expert account of fair weather and foul, from halcyon days to hurricanes, rainbows to rime frost, sunspots to supercells. Illustrated with engaging graphics and profiling seven key climate players, 30-Second Meteorology delivers the explanations you need to understand our restless atmosphere – at lightning speed.