300 Clean Jokes for Kids

by Donald Shaw

Publisher: Donald Shaw

Publication Date: July 30, 2019

ISBN: 9780463671344

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Pssst… Hey you! Yes, you, the parent of the awesome kid! Would you like to encourage good reading habits in your child? The book full of hilarious jokes for kids can help you with this.

This book has tons of silly, funny, and ridiculous one-liners, dialogues, questions and answers, riddles, and real-life short stories with unexpected twists. This amazing content is going to make your little jokester happy. Kids love to read jokes and develop joke-telling skills during communication with their family and friends. It can become part of any game or even a birthday party. Be prepared that your kid will read these jokes and will start making dozens and dozens of new variations of these jokes. It’s going to be pure fun for the whole family!

The book of children’s jokes is always a great gift for boys and girls on any occasion or without it. It’s also a wonderful time-killer which will help you to relax and amuse kids in the waiting room and on the road to your grandma. By the way, many people choose it as a road trip book. No matter whether you take it on the plane, train, metro, or car journey, you are going to have amazing results. Kids will smile and roll on the floor laughing during this trip. For sure, they will be pleased with your choice.

Thousands of other kids have approved this funny collection! Act now, buy this book, and laugh out loud!