28 Climate Change Elevator Pitches

Short Explanations on the Scientific Basis of Man-man Climate Change
by Rob Honeycutt

Publisher: Rob Honeycutt

Publication Date: February 09, 2017

ISBN: 1230001540697

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If you stepped into an elevator and had 2 minutes to explain some aspect of climate science to someone, could you do it? Most people lack the time to become fully informed on this critical issue. The science is complex and varied. Here are 28 quick pitches to help you better understand this issue which we should all be concerned about.


01  ancient sunlight

02  radiative gases

03  the greenhouse effect

04  the carbon cycle

05  the climate system

06  condensing and non-condensing gases

07  trace gases

08  solar irradiance

09  volcanoes

10  silicate rock weathering

11  rising CO2 concentrations

12  tipping points

13  geological evidence of CO2 effects

14  glacial-interglacial cycles

15  temperature data sets

16  temperature reconstructions

17  extreme weather

18  tropospheric hot spot

19  ocean warming

20  sea level rise

21  ocean acidification

22  permafrost and methane clathrates

23  polar amplification

24  glaciers

25  greenland ice sheet

26  arctic sea ice

27  antarctic sea ice

28  antarctic continental ice sheets