21st Century Understanding Cancer Toolkit: Cancer Clusters, Carcinogenesis, Cancer and the Environment, Studies of Suspected Clusters, Interaction of Environmental Factors and Genes

by Progressive Management

Publisher: Progressive Management

Publication Date: May 21, 2015

ISBN: 9781458075000

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This e-book presents a thorough review of the subject of cancer clusters, with authoritative information from the nation's cancer experts. A cancer cluster is defined as a greater than expected number of cancer cases that occurs within a group of people, in a geographic area, or over a period of time. A person may suspect that a cancer cluster exists when several loved ones, neighbors, or coworkers are diagnosed with cancer. However, what appears to be a cluster may actually reflect the expected number of cancer cases within the group or area. When considering the possible existence of a cancer cluster in your area, it is important to remember a few key facts: 1) cancer is a common disease, affecting about one in four people in their lifetime; 2) the term cancer refers not to a single disease, but instead to a group of related yet different diseases; 3) a cancer cluster may be due to chance alone, like the clustering of balls on a pool table; and 4) an apparent cancer cluster is more likely to be genuine if the cases consist of one type of cancer, a rare type of cancer, or a type of cancer that is not usually found in an age group. Conveniently organized contents include: Cancer Clusters - Key Points * Role of the National Cancer Institute in Addressing Cancer Clusters * CDC on Cancer Clusters * The Status of Cancer Cluster Activities at CDC (as of January 2006) * Genetic Studies of Childhood Leukemia in Churchill County, Nevada * Studies of Childhood Leukemia in Sierra Vista, Arizona * An Update on Cancer Cluster Activities at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention * Research Article - Infectious Etiologies of Childhood Leukemia: Plausibility and Challenges to Proof * Cancer and the Environment * Cancer Prevention Overview * Overview of Cancer Prevention for Professionals * An extensive supplement provides background data on cancer; information on how to find resources in your own community; questions and answers about cancer; cancer information ...