21st Century U.S. Military Documents: Air Force Aviation Management Instruction - Guidance for Administering Aircrew Flight Management Programs for Flying Unit Commanders and Aircrew Personnel

by Progressive Management

Publisher: Progressive Management

Publication Date: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781311911452

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This instruction implements AFPD 11-4, Aviation Service. It establishes procedures for managing Air Force flying resources and provides guidance that applies to administering aircrew flight management programs. It applies to all US Air Force flight managers, commanders of flying units, and aircrew personnel. This publication applies to Air Force Reserve Command, the Air National Guard, and to USAF aircrew personnel assigned to active flying positions in the Civil Air Patrol.

Chapter 1 * RESPONSIBILITY AND OBLIGATIONS, FLIGHT AUTHORIZATIONS, AND FOREIGN MILITARY FLYING * Section 1A—Responsibilities and Obligations * 1.1. Overview * 1.2. Responsibilities of AF/A3O-A * 1.3. Responsibilities of MAJCOMs * 1.4. Responsibilities of Subordinate Organizations * 1.5. Responsibilities of Aircrew Members and Parachutists * 1.6. Flying Obligations * 1.7. Waivers * Section 1B—Flight Authorization * 1.8. Aircraft Flight Authorizations * 1.9. Authorization for Using US Air Force Aircraft * 1.10. Authorization to Perform Inflight Duties in Air Force Aircraft * 1.11. Authorization to Perform Inflight Duties in Non-US Air Force Aircraft * 1.12. Requirements for Pilots in Dual Controlled Aircraft * Section 1C—Flying by Military and Civilian Personnel of Foreign Nations in USAF Aircraft * 1.13. Air Force Policy * 1.14. Flight Authorizations * 1.15. Procedures for Processing Requests that Require HQ USAF Approval * 1.16. Requests for Exception * Chapter 2 * AVIATION RESOURCE MANAGEMENT POLICIES * Section 2A—Flying Program * 2.1. Rated Officer and Career Enlisted Aviator (CEA) Flying Program * 2.2. Flying Activity Codes * 2.3. Aviation Service Codes (ASC) * 2.4. Operational Flying Duty * 2.5. Rated Officer and Career Enlisted Aviator Operational Flying Duty * 2.6. OFDA Waivers * 2.7. Taking Part in Flying by Rated Officers * 2.8. Flight Surgeon, Pilot-Physician, and Critical Care Air Transport Team Flying Policy * 2.9. Taking Part in Flying by Career Enlisted Aviators * 2.10.