21St Century World

Holy Spirit Modern Platform
by Benjamin Maira
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Publication Date: January 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781524676148

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Gospel Ministry with God in 21st Century World This book you hold in your hands is very special. As you open and read the four gospels, read this book also. As you pick the book of Acts and read, read this book also. As you search the Scriptures in the Epistles and read, read this book also. As you read and do the words of prophecy in the book of Revelation, read and do the instructions of this book:21stCentury World. In reading my book:21stCentury World, you will find special topics likeJesus Christ and world service, Daily Christianity, Holy Spirit days, World day of salvation, Ministry and church, Apostleship and discipleship and, Christians and world service today. I pray and have faith for you, that the Lord Jesus Christ will be with you and use you to be part of the last great Gods work of salvation by the gospel. May the Holy Spirit be real to you and give you the results of the gospel ministry just as he did in Luke chapter 1 to 24 and Acts chapter 1 to 28. I am aware, we are living in busy times. We are living in a busy world. But still we can find special time in our work schedule and do the gospel ministry. God sent Jesus for sinners. God desires sinners to be saved. God doesnt want any sinner to die in sin. Therefore, as we love and care for the sick, the people bound with evil spirits and the poor, the same way let us put first the sinners in our work schedule. At work place, in a busy world of professionalism let us find time to do gospel ministry. You are the right person to do gospel ministry. God is not looking for another but you. The aim to write this book:21stCentury World,is to show you the special need of the gospel ministry to the world today, and above all to make you aware of the time we are living and the new opportunities we have to do the gospel ministrytothe world today.