21 Reasons Why I'm Born to Reign

by Kum Eric Tso


Publication Date: February 07, 2019

ISBN: 9781370365623

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Every human being on this planet is burning on the inside with the obvious fundamental questions of life. It is sad that many live and die without ever finding the answers to these questions. The most vital ones are:
Who am I?
Where am I from?
Why am I here?
Where am I going to?
Until you know who you are, you can never know where you come from, why you are here and where you will go from here.
Over the years, religions have risen with different beliefs and notions to fill this urging need in man to understand his purpose on earth; philosophers have tried in vain through countless attempts to ignore God’s existence and find answers to these questions on their own; science has experienced failure after failure to come up with some ‘scientific’ explanation for man’s origin and the role of man on earth. People have desperately searched for the answers to these questions, unfortunately in the wrong places and consequently never found them.
It has become more obvious that the answers to these extremely important questions can only be gotten from the author of the entire universe (including man). So, can you just email or call God and say: ‘Dear God, you are the creator of this world and everything therein. Please, tell me who I am; where I’m from; why I’m here and where I’m going to’? Nope! God did not leave His product without the product manual (the Bible). All these answers are found in God’s Word. It’s amazing that of all that God created; only His greatest creation is ignorant of the purpose of its existence.
Even animals seem to have enough intelligence to figure out their assignment on earth and fulfill the purpose of their existence. No fish looks up to God and says, ‘why the fins?’ ‘Why did you create me?’ ‘Why am I in water?’ The fish simply swims freely. In the same way no bird would ask God, ‘why the wings?’ Why scream to God in quest for man’s purpose on earth as I have seen many religious people ...