21 Days to a Bigger Chest: The Illustrated Guide to the Best Chest Exercises and the ONLY Chest Workout You Need for Adding Mass and Developing Big Pecs, Fast

by Grant Michaels

Publisher: Grant Michaels

Publication Date: May 16, 2015

ISBN: 9781484194430

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Get Arms Superman Would Be Jealous Of
If you are a man there is a large chance that you care very much what your arms look like. If you have always dreamed of having chiseled arms the Greek gods would look at with envy, then look no further than Grant Michael's new workout guide. This exercise plan has the go to exercises to give toned and muscle packed arms.

He will work with you so that you understand the fundamentals of increasing your muscle mass, which muscles are located in your arms, and which other areas of the body can help to increase your arm muscle size. After 21 days of using this guide, you will not believe the results that you finish with.

How Will These Exercises Impact Your Arm Muscles?
Grant uses the method of "progressive overload" to help you reach your desired arm size. You will learn how to increase your weight lifting to cause your muscles to want to strengthen themselves to better handle the extra weight. However, you will also learn to weight train the correct way to make sure that your muscles are increasing in size without becoming injured. The exercises used in this book are,
Isolation - focuses on one particular set of muscles such as the biceps or triceps.
Compound - decreases the chance of injury by using a combination of muscles in each exercise.

Each exercise included in this book will involve using barbells or dumbbells, which every weight training program should. You will get great ideas for performing compound exercises on your arm muscles to avoid looking like "Popeye," and you will get 5 isolation techniques for both your biceps and triceps.

What Is the Importance of Using Weight Training on Your Arm Muscles?
Weight training is essential for one purpose - to increase your muscle mass. It is important to participate in rounded workout plans when weight training - especially when focusing on one area of the body such as the arms.