20th Year Edition: The Way of Forgiveness

by D. Patrick Miller

Publisher: D. Patrick Miller

Publication Date: May 14, 2015

ISBN: 9781311576378

Binding: Kobo eBook

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THE WAY OF FORGIVENESS: Letting Go, Easing Stress, and Building Strength first appeared in 1994 as “A Little Book of Forgiveness” (Viking) and has since changed the lives of many thousands of readers. The new fifth edition features revised material throughout, including expanded instructions for the classic “Seven Steps of Forgiveness” devised by author D. Patrick Miller, based on more than two decades of studying and practicing the principles of forgiveness in his own life.

“Shouting and condemning others can seem like a righteous demonstration of strength,” says Miller. “But rants and outbursts seldom solve any problems, and often create new ones. I think many people mistake forgiveness as a way to avoid conflict or let people off the hook. The kind of forgiveness I am talking about is a daily discipline of learning to see things differently, which enables you to respond to challenges with clarity, compassion, and ingenuity. If you really want to change things and have a lasting effect on people, forgiveness is a better strategy than anything else.”

Included in This Edition:
* Foreword by Frederic Luskin, Ph.D., founder of the Stanford Forgiveness Projects
* 20th Year Introduction by D. Patrick Miller
* The Seven Steps of Forgiveness
* Forgiving Others
* Forgiving Yourself
* Where Forgiveness Leads
* The Seven Steps Expanded (with workshop-style instructions)

“When first published in 1994, this was a book whose ideas and message were ahead of its time... Since 1996 I have directed the Stanford Forgiveness Projects, a series of research endeavors that helped substantiate the power of forgiveness to reduce hurt, depression, anger and stress in people who hold grudges... In addition to this research I also have taught forgiveness to tens of thousands of hurt and angry people. What I find fascinating is that the things I taught, researched and proved to be true, D. Patrick Miller already knew. .