The Darkroom
by Joon Tae Kim

Publisher: Joon Tae Kim

Series: 1/3

Publication Date: January 21, 2019

ISBN: 6610000142682

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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* *

James Norton wakes up to a world as cold and desolate as his past, his frail, colorless body withering away with the broken frames of an empty house. As the light sores into his eyes, flickers of unfounded memories scream like nightmares in his head. Everything that James once knew to be true has shattered like glass around him. Everything he trusted in - everything he hoped for - has disappeared into the darkest of skies. The only thing he can remember is the dull, deathlike chant someone once told him. Words that seemed very close to his heart.

* *

“You owe Cyber Vibe your loyalty and your life.

Remember that.”


It’s London. The year 2050. A world where dreams meet reality, where the land meets the sky. A world filled with hope and promise, just like to ideal dreams of the young James Norton - the one for the future.


But underneath the high-rise buildings, advanced technologies, and artificial intelligence lies something far more sinister. And the closer James gets to the truth, the darker his world becomes.


Are you prepared to enter the doors of The Darkroom? Are you ready to face the future in the hopes of a brighter, better world?


Then step right in.


Only remember:


Nothing is as it seems.