2018 HOROSCOPE Your Magical Days

THE LUCKIEST and MAGICAL DAYS of all Zodiac Sign for each month of 2018 …….And much more about you…..
by Artemisia, Mirzia

Publisher: Artemisia

Publication Date: July 09, 2017

ISBN: 1230001757477

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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I would love to stay with you also this year as  your special “Talisman” !!!
I do not occupy so much space, I am just a simple e-Book and you can easily consult me when you want!
And ….as Lady Luck, I hope to bring you a lot of beautiful tips, valuable indications and many gifts from the Stars.

I have carefully examined all the daily planetary transits through the ephemeris only to tell you the best  days for each month for: love, business, appointments, travel, contacts, money ..... and… to cap it all …even the luckiest  and  magical days of 2018!

So you will know the best days for everything that is important for you.

For the fifth consecutive year since the start of my new series of e-Books “Horoscope of Fortune – Magical Days”, I will say to you what will be your  magical  days  of 2018 ,  where everything marvelous can happen!

Remember that Planets can help you to find the best moment to realize your wishes and act your projects!

You will also read something  more about you, your most important characteristics and  everything that make your life more lucky .

This year, as always, I have enriched “Magical Days” with new contents, and I am sure you will find them very interesting:

1) 2018 Your Fortune Chart
2) Something more about you….

The seriousness of my work is proved by 40 years of study of Astrology and from many collaborations with several publishing houses, including the” Rizzoli” for the magazine of Astrology "Astra".

But I think the most important thing is that I’m  really passionate about Astrology and I have always loved it!

P.S. I suggest you to read not only the predictions of you Zodiac Sign, but also the one of your Ascendant.