2016 Yang Fire Monkey - Year of Changeability and Unpredictability

by Shurtleff, Mary
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Publisher: Design Wisdom-Feng Shui

Publication Date: December 04, 2015

ISBN: 9780983089261

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Hold onto your hats this year! For eons of time, soothsayers have looked to the animals for answers and guidance from God. They believe the animals speak to us and their instincts teach us. The year will prove to be one of changeability and unpredictability. Watch for the signs. The Fire Monkey's wild ride may be one many will not forget. This will be a year of transformation and newly discovered passions with many rejecting their conventional lifestyles for a more laid back approach. Others may find the courage to follow their life-long passion. Be smart in all personal and business decisions. Only make calculated moves. The Monkey is highly intelligent with sharp wits, unpredictability and quickness. Don't be surprised if things change on a dime this year. The competitive Monkey may scheme to outwit their opponent through manipulation and lies. They love the Bohemian, unusual lifestyle of freedom, and have difficulty being 'normal' or conventional. Each person may feel the energy of the Fire Monkey in their essence or see it in another. The year could turn into a "Hot Monkey Mess." Take time to play, dance, and enjoy life. Don't take yourself too seriously! What will your prophesy be for the year? Found out now!