2014 U.S. Coin Digest 12th Edition


Publisher: F+W US

Publication Date: May 31, 2013

ISBN: 9781440235696

Binding: Spiral bound

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Collect with confidence! Easily discover what your coins are worth with 2014 U.S. Coin Digest, the most complete, comprehensive and trusted color guide to all United States coin issues. Filled with nearly 2,000 photographs, accurate coin pricing, and details for U.S. coins from colonial days to present, U.S. Coin Digest is the answer to your coin questions. Features: Nearly 2,000 color images Market values 11 grades of condition Errors and varieties Bullion coins, territorial coins, and colonial coins Coins of Hawaii, Philippines, and Puerto Rico Gold coins Mint and proof sets Commemorative coins The reference every U.S. coins collector must have!