2 Words 2 Live By

You can change your life-two words at a time
by Mark Madden

Publisher: House of Madness Publishing

Publication Date: September 19, 2017

ISBN: 9780989988414

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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We all want to improve our lives. It seems like a daunting task-but does it have to be?

Not according to author Mark Madden. In his book 2 Words 2 Live By, he shows us that living better doesn't have to be hard work. Self improvement doesn't have to be complicated. Mark reveals to us that a simple pair of words has the power to inspire, motivate, and transform.

Practical wisdom is revealed in the form of two-word phrases: Live Modestly. Persevere Always. Encourage Someone. These phrases open our eyes to the small steps right in front of us, small steps that lead to big changes.

Along with each two-word phrase, Mark also includes an inspirational quote as well as a related action step. Meditation is all fine well and good, but Mark shows us that in order to change we have to act.

The affirmations in 2 Words 2 Live By provide inspiration in all aspects of life-physical, mental, social, spiritual, practical-for people of any age, whether it's a graduate, someone facing a life change, or a dear friend celebrating a milestone birthday.

So go ahead and toss all those complex, consuming, convoluted self help books in the garbage.

You can change your life-two words at a time.