1819 AD

by Leo Cappel

Publisher: Leo Cappel

Publication Date: August 14, 2015

ISBN: 9781310376597

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1819 AD

Two hundred years ago an enthousiast in the North of the Netherlands accumulated a large collection of recipes and home medicines. An amazing window into a long ago lifestyle. He offered it to a well-known publisher with these words :

After many years of collecting, I find myself in possession of a large number of inexpensive instructions and remedies, suitable for all kinds of circumstances and situations, which I have tested from time to time, and which have given me the pleasure at numerous occasions of furthering the benefits, profits and pleasures of my fellow-men.
Although initially I did not have the slightest intention of making these instructions public, the realization of the scarcity, possibly of the absence of such worthwhile, and truly upon experience based observations, supported by the good results which I have noted several times, has finally made me decide to make this collection, such as it is, commonly available in print.
I dare flatter myself that they, who follow the here presented instructions carefully, will benefit greatly, and therefore they, as they will not forget the collector out of pleasure with the good results, will bless me for the publication of these, apparently minor, yet indeed for those, who find what they are in need of, weighty details.




After all those years I now offer it to the modern readers.

Rather than translating this delightful little book into modern English, I have tried to retain the somewhat awkward and laboured style of the old Dutch original.
This is an intriguing collection of over 100 recipes and remedies, painting a good picture of everyday life two centuries ago.
The liqueurs and other drinks are worth trying. Others, like changing lead into mercury, clearly belong to the realm of alchemy.
The powder Sympathy was considered to have ...