17 Tips on Selecting a Narrator for Your Audiobook: Insider's Guide to Choosing a Narrator You'll Be Thrilled With!

by Becky Parker Geist

Publisher: Becky Parker Geist

Publication Date: June 27, 2017

ISBN: 9780986246593

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Audiobooks are hot! Audiobook sales are projected to grow 40% in 2017 after a record-breaking 31% increase in 2016. If you're planning to record your own audiobook, check out Audiobook Toolkit for Authors: How to SUCCESSFULLY Record Your Own Audiobook. If you're planning on hiring a professional narrator, then this guide is for you! Nothing is more critical to the success of your audiobook than the selection of the Narrator/s who will bring your story to life!

It's true. The narrator can make or break the success of any audio book. No matter how great the content of the book is, a weak narrator can turn off your listener. That can also lead to a fan giving up on other books of yours, whatever the format. By the same token, a great narrator can leave your fans begging for more by the same author and author/narrator combo. These tips will help you find the right person to read your audiobook. Wondering how to find a skilled actor experienced with audiobook narration who can help bring your story to life? Finding that right narrator for your audio book project can help you soar to the top of your listeners' lists of favorites and speed up the word of mouth marketing to boost your sales.

Becky Parker Geist of Pro Audio Voices has been in the audiobook industry since 1981. As President of Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, she keeps abreast of what's happening in independent publishing. Bringing her experience in and knowledge of audiobook and theatre production, acting, marketing, and independent publishing, Becky shares in this book the keys to success she has discovered to finding excellent audiobook narrators for the recording projects she has managed.