150 Things to Make with Roast Chicken: And 50 Ways to Roast It


Publisher: The Taunton Press

Publication Date: March 20, 2007

ISBN: 9781561588459

Binding: Paperback

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What do you do with a roast chicken? Sauté it, sauce it, stew it, slaw it. Simmer it in soup. Toss it in a salad. Roll it in a wrap. Cook it in a cozy casserole. Boston chef Tony Rosenfeld celebrates everyone's favorite bird, from his spins on homey classics (Grandma Pauline's Chicken Paprikash) to snazzy sophisticates (Summery Italian Chicken Salad with Fennel & Pears). First you take a chicken... Supermarket roast chicken makes a fine base for all 150 recipes. Got a bit more time? Then Tony will show you how to roast chicken for flavor that no store-bought can rival. Roast a chicken (or two!) on Sunday and enjoy weeknights of scrumptious, hassle-free meals. Creative recipes and terrific tips make this a book full of refreshing answers to the eternal question, 'What's for dinner?' Bold new takes on casseroles, skillet meals, stews, soups, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, and more... From maple-glazed to southwest-rubbed and cornbread-stuffed, from Chinese salt and pepper to French bistro with lemon and thyme. Plus... 'Roasting 101' - buying a chicken, prep and roasting techniques (including grill-roasting), choosing the best pans, carving to get every last tender morsel, making pan sauces and gravy, adding flavor with savory rubs, brines, and glazes Delicious accompaniments - vegetables you can roast in the same pan, great greens, the world's best mashed potatoes Zesty vinaigrettes, quick sauces, and flavored butters Special ingredient profiles 'Chix Picks' - suggestions for the best base chicken for every 'second time around' recipe 'Not only am I the author, I'm a convert. I had never really approached a roast bird as a way to create other meals. It simply is a great way to get dinner to the table. I think you'll agree.' - Tony Rosenfeld