15 Smiles An Hour

by Ian Barnett

Publisher: Ian Barnett

Publication Date: March 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781973532620

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Since 'retiring' from a Senior Management role I've had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of part-time work to keep me out of mischief. The Amazon Flex program has grabbed me for reasons which will become obvious in this book. I pick my own hours. I work when I want to (which to be honest is nearly every day) and I can choose how long I work for. This is the whole concept with 'Amazon Flex'. You can pick time slots that allow you to work, yet still balance other life commitments. Family, study, leisure, writing. All the Flex Partners I meet at the collection depot have different reasons for wanting to earn. The Amazon Prime strap-line is "Delivering Smiles". That's one of the reasons I've stuck with the Program, made it work for me and want to help make it work for you. In a world where we all want everything 'now', Amazon have led the way. Next day delivery of such a diverse range of items has created a whole industry involving hubs, satellite depots and distribution lines. No matter how mundane the job of delivering parcels might seem to some, there is something hugely satisfying about placing a package or two into a customers hands (often a day before they were expecting it) and seeing the Smile. Smiles mean money for Amazon … and for the Flex Partner. Success with Amazon Flex, to me, means achieving '15 Smiles An Hour' or more. You can achieve this too, if you follow the advice in this book.