15 Smart And Easy Ways To Stop Procrastinating Now! Beat Procrastination. Learn How To Be Proactive Again And Get Your Liveliness Back!

by Raymond Philippe

Publisher: HeadAndHeartCafe

Publication Date: May 20, 2015

ISBN: 9781311076571

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Are you fed up of Procrastinating and do you want to Get Back on the Right Track in Life?"

Do you ever feel that procrastination is taking over your life?
Wouldn't you like to beat down habitual procrastination?
Are you tired of the problems that procrastination brings?
If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above, then this may very well be an excellent book for you. Here's why...

Procrastination is reversible

Procrastination can cause severe problems in your personal and professional life... Expect these troubles to follow you around if you don't do anything about the root causes of procrastination.

When you know how to end procrastination, you will get your normal, productive and happy life back.

Stopping procrastination can be easy to do. Because...
• ONE: People teach themselves to procrastinate - it is not an instinctual drive and, therefore, you can just as easily teach yourself not to procrastinate.
• TWO: You can modify your procrastinating habit and create better habits to replace the negative pattern you have now
• THREE: It only takes a little practice to become an expert in productivity and time management - even teenagers can learn how to do it!

There are essentially three main things you need to know about stopping procrastination:
1 How to change your mindset regarding work
2 How to prioritize your tasks and responsibilities
3 How to create worthy and realistic goals

15 Smart And Easy Ways To Stop Procrastinating Now! covers all of this and a lot more.
And when you read it, you'll realize how simple it is to
Learn How To Be Proactive Again And Get Your Liveliness Back!

Here 's just a taste of what you'll discover...
What Procrastination Is
How To Overcome Procrastination
What Productive Work Is
Five Success Hints
Why We Procrastinate?
How We Procrastinate?
Why You Should ...