13th International Symposium on Process SystemsEngineering – PSE 2018, July 1-5 2018

by Mario R. Eden, Gavin Towler, Ph.D. & Maria Ierapetritou
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Publisher: Elsevier Science

Series: Computer Aided Chemical Engineering

Publication Date: July 27, 2018

ISBN: 9780444642424

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Process Systems Engineering brings together the international community of researchers and engineers interested in computing-based methods in process engineering. This conference highlights the contributions of the PSE community towards the sustainability of modern society and is based on the 13th International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering PSE 2018 event held San Diego, CA, July 1-5 2018. The book contains contributions from academia and industry, establishing the core products of PSE, defining the new and changing scope of our results, and future challenges.

Plenary and keynote lectures discuss real-world challenges (globalization, energy, environment and health) and contribute to discussions on the widening scope of PSE versus the consolidation of the core topics of PSE.

  • Highlights how the Process Systems Engineering community contributes to the sustainability of modern society
  • Establishes the core products of Process Systems Engineering
  • Defines the future challenges of Process Systems Engineering