1,337 Spot Illustrations of the Twenties and Thirties


Publisher: DOVER

Publication Date: August 18, 1992

ISBN: 9780486272320

Binding: Paperback

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Eye-catching spots with a nostalgic touch are invaluable for enlivening any number of graphic projects. Now this practical archive enables graphic artists, illustrators, and designers to choose from over 1,300 copyright-free cuts with period flavor. Recapturing the charm and flair of a bygone era, these ready-to-use illustrations encompass nearly every category you can think of: men in dress clothes, uniforms, period costumes, engaged in athletic and social activities; women as homemakers, models, and femmes fatales; animals as fantasy figures and in realistic poses; varied forms of transportation - from Spanish galleons and early steam locomotives to airplanes, buses, and steamships; attention-getting graphics that announce ""We Grease to Please"" or ""Try Our Pressing Service"" and scores of other amusing, startling, and genial visual commentaries.