131 Different Things

by Zachary Lipez & Stacy Wakefield
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Publisher: Akashic Books - Akashic Books

Publication Date: November 13, 2018

ISBN: 9781617756962

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"For readers who enjoy edgy rambles through the rock and roll life, 131 Different Things will be a journey worth taking."
--The Currentā€™s Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll Book Club

"An engaging novella about a few jaded Lower East Side bartenders and their drug and booze filled quest to find an ex girlfriend in one night may conjure your worst, most desperate drunken memories of your 20's-30s, but in a good way! The story is illustrated with Nick Zinner's beautiful photos. This is a must read for all music/nightlife loving New Yorkers, or folks who wished they lived here in the aughts."
--BUST, 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

"A spot-on take on urban life, frustration, and flawed humanity, with distinctive visuals to accompany the knowing prose."

"We've been mightily impressed by the books created by writer Zachary Lipez, photographer Nick Zinner, and designer Stacy Wakefield. 131 Different Things is their latest work: a story of a bartender in search of his lost love, traversing a sea of strange spaces within the city as he goes."
--Vol. 1 Brooklyn

"A photo book and novella wrapped into one, 131 Different Things is the most recent collaboration between Nick Zinner (of the indie band Yeah Yeah Yeahs), Zachary Lipez, and Stacy Wakefield. The book features over 100 of Zinner's gritty photographs--many of them shot on film--that capture nightlife culture in New York City and beyond."
--Popular Photography

"131 Different Things (Akashic Books), takes us back to New York at the turn of the millennium, to those final moments of a former age of a decadent bohemia that is not that long ago, but so very far away."
--HUCK Magazine

"The chapters ...