12 Steps to an Addictive Free Life

by Anthony Ordille
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Publisher: Anthony Ordille

Publication Date: January 01, 2018

ISBN: 9780999627730

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Whether it is a family member abusing drugs, a person at one's place of employment who struggles with smoking, a friend afflicted with alcoholism, or a loved one who eats too much-we all know someone who suffers from some sort of addiction-it may even be you. Some statistics say that roughly one in four Americans can be considered an addict. There are hundreds of twelve-step programs or places of recovery that treat these people around the world. Some are better than others and have records that show a high success rate. The author of this guidebook is not disputing their records, but has experienced the lack that comes from recovery and will point an addict another way to an addictive free life. What makes this guidebook different from other twelve-step programs? God! If one is to experience freedom from addiction, it can only come from a deliverance standpoint that only God can offer, not from recovery that only masks the addictive behavior. We are not being persuasive in our religion or beliefs of a higher power, which is God's job. We are only pointing out the truth, because it is the truth that sets one free, and that is what we want to see in every addict's life. Freedom! 12 Steps to an Addictive Free Life will bring out the best of who you really are. It will help you grow in your faith, learn God's Word, be an overcomer, and walk over the hurdles that are in your way. Most importantly, it will help you to realize that just because you have made some mistakes, you are not doomed for nonexistence in this society. Take the journey to freedom and see if this path isn't the right one for you. Along the way, you'll discover who you really are.