117 Questions to Ask Your Kids Instead of Asking “How Was Your Day”

by Ann R. Sutton

Publisher: Ann R. Sutton

Publication Date: December 24, 2018

ISBN: 9781386602569

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Do you find it difficult to start a long conversation with your kid after a day at school?

Do you always meet a dead-end when trying to know about your kids' thoughts, emotions and wants?

These conversation starters are proven to stimulate real conversation, where kids will feel well-cared for, and parents will be satisfied to know more about their kids' state of mind and their activities in school. With such, weaknesses are being detected and a parent will easily know what to emphasize when it comes to teaching a kid a new skill. Also, these questions have been experimented in honing kid's social intelligence, where the stimulation of thoughts, disposition, and perception will take place in kids.

Your kid will learn how to talk about themselves, learn effective listening skills, express themselves in groups and be able to ask the right questions in class. The overall shyness and social anxiety common in most kids can be eliminated using the conversational strategies. Since practice makes perfect, a kid will learn how to open up about what they feel without the need to be timid or doubtful about other people's reaction. Ultimately, they will grow into confident adults, responsible and down to earth.

With over 117 questions, your conversation will never be boring. You can blend any of the questions during dinner or even while they are playing. Since kids' mental ability can be determined through the answers to these questions, you will easily know when to allow them to assume certain responsibilities around the house, when to just let go of a particular control, and when to warn them about social vices and peer pressure.