11 Flat Belly Lifestyle Tips: 27 Minutes a Day to a Flat Belly and a Better Life

by Bobbi Roque Hornik

Publisher: Bobbi Roque Hornik

Publication Date: May 10, 2015

ISBN: 9781301961528

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Do you long for a flat belly but are tired of all the hype? Have you sold your soul time and again for just another fad weight-loss program that promised big but didn't deliver?
If so, this book is for you. By making a few small changes to your lifestyle - spending only 27 minutes a day - you can get a flat belly and even better, more health and enjoyment in life.

Using scientifically valid, beyond-the-mainstream ideas, you too can change your life so you can enjoy a flatter belly and more health.

No more hype. No more fads. Just true internal change that you will see reflected in the mirror.

This book respects the demands on your time and includes only the most essential information you need to achieve your Flat Belly Lifestyle.

Here's a sneak peak at some of the Flat Belly Lifestyle Tips that are included:

- How to restrict calories naturally and still eat as much as you want!

- The unbelievably effective but entirely unheard of core body workout that is
sweeping the nation and takes only 3 - 15 minutes a day.

- Wash away the fat with water? Really?

- How your bad feelings are making you fat and how to feel good all the time.

- How to imagine your way to a flat belly.

- Sleep off the inches.

So here's the deal …

I'm not going to feed you a pipe dream and say you don't have to change anything and somehow when I wave my magic wand your belly is going to change - like many of those other programs out there. What I do promise is that if you truly implement the tips in this book, your life and body will change for the better.

See, here's the thing: a flat belly is just the natural result of a healthy body.

So, enough hype and fads! Follow the 11 Flat Belly Lifestyle Tips and find real and lasting change.

Try out 11 Flat Belly Lifestyle Tips today!

Receive as a bonus:

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