101 Ways to Use a Unicorn

by Robb Pearlman

Publisher: Rizzoli International

Publication Date: April 01, 2015

ISBN: 9780789329103

Binding: Hardback

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Everyone loves unicorns—what's not to love? They're beautiful, magical, majestic creatures. Author Robb Pearlman and illustrator Dave Urban join twistedly hilarious forces once again to create 101 Ways to Use a Unicorn, their follow-up to 101 Ways to Kill a Zombie. Like 101 Zombies, 101 Unicorns is a manual of sorts, detailing several creative and unusual ways to employ the neighborhood unicorn in your everyday life. The methods range from the practical, to pop-cultural, to slightly dark—but all are laugh-out-loud funny:
—Hunger Games (Unicorn is an arrow being shot out of a longbow by a teenage girl)
—Bookmark (Unicorn's horn is between the pages of a closed book on a nightstand; he's sort of laying with his head on the nightstand and body on the floor)
—Piñata (a Unicorn strung up as blindfolded children swat at him)
—Clothesline (A clothesline is strung between the side of a house and the unicorn horn, as a housewife hangs clothes)
—Area Rug (Like a bearskin rug, but the Unicorn's alive)
—Award Ceremony Seat-filler (Unicorn is in a tuxedo seated between Angelina Jolie and Meryl Streep)
—The Shining (Jack Nicholson is using a Unicorn like an axe to get to Shelley Duvall)
—Jedi (the Unicorn's horn is lit up like a light saber, in a fight with Darth Vader) 
Equal parts satire and tribute to this beloved mythical animal, 101 Ways to Use a Unicorn is sure to tickle unicorn fans young and old.