101 Things I Learned After My Divorce

by tomi tuel

Publisher: tomi tuel

Publication Date: May 14, 2015

ISBN: 9781311810441

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Tomi Tuel, a self-proclaimed Divorce Warrior, has penned 101 Things I Learned After My Divorce, a heartfelt and funny field guide to divorce recovery. In a moving and light-hearted journey, the book shares universal truths about the emotional process of divorce – and the stages along the road to renewal. In 101 Things, Tuel shares her insights and real-world experience to help readers grapple with their own reality while providing an oft-needed humorous diversion from the emotional chaos of shattered relationships.

John Gray, Ph.D, author of the bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, says succinctly: [Tomi’s book] is “charmingly uplifting, insightful, and funny.”

“Tomi takes a positive, up beat and constructive approach to a subject that touches us all,” adds Stephen Lundin, author of Top Performer and the four FISH! Books.

“This excellent book is long overdue,” says Jeffery Bernstein, Ph.D., author of Why Can’t You Read My Mind?

For most, seeing the warning signs of divorce isn’t enough; we need tools to fix relationships that are broken. Tuel helps readers see how they may have contributed to their own relationship woes and offers tools (from the ‘Tuelbox’ at the end of each chapter) to help avoid, self-diagnose and even cure problems. Tomi, who says “There are no completely innocent spouses.” is fearless in her approach. She isn’t afraid to tell readers what divorce counselors don’t on such topics as post-divorce dating, getting from despair to indifference, and achieving the ideal divorce.

At its core, 101 Things is a remarkable resource to help those in pain find perspective and realize there is life after divorce. As her book recounts, Tomi found peace after her divorce and now is a frequent speaker to audiences, large and small, on divorce recovery. She has remarried and lives with her husband and two children in Sacramento, California. 101 Things I Learned After My Divorce is a must-read for anyone ...