1,000 Quotes for Stepping Out of the Mind: Authentic Self Discovery Through the Power of Inspiration, Poetry and Rhyme

by The Warrior Within

Publisher: The Warrior Within

Publication Date: July 13, 2015

ISBN: 9781476266237

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Authenticity, Self Discovery and The Warrior Within

The warrior within isn’t an idea - it’s a living, breathing truth inside. Inspiring words, thoughts and ideas - inspirational quotes, poetry and rhyme - can help us step out of the mind.

Truth is what we find.

The warrior within isn’t looking for war. It’s an instrument of peace down to its very core. The mind is where the war takes place. It houses the warring factions - their only home base.

One thought pulling here, another thought pulling there - we get pulled in different directions - ending up everywhere. Strife, conflict and confusion are commonplace in the mind - is it any wonder the truth is sometimes hard to find?

Inspiration helps us realize the warrior within and the positive life change it naturally brings.

Where the mind is confused; the warrior is clear. Where the mind is far; the warrior is near. Where the mind has lost; the warrior has won. Where the mind is conflicted; the warrior is one.

“Where is this inner warrior? What should I expect to find?” The warrior within is there a mere step out of the mind.

Rhyme and Reason

The mind has logic and reasons; yet the process of authentic self discovery is more like the seasons. The seasons are there, whether we think them or not. The changes they bring can hardly be taught.

Reason is powerful and has its time and place; yet rhyme - like the seasons - can open up new space. Transformation is to encounter a mind shaped anew - it’s a path of self discovery we are on - me and you.