100 Questions and Answers About Immigrants to the U.S.: Immigration policies, politics and trends and how they affect families, jobs and demographics

The facts about U.S. immigration patterns, motives, effects and language, history, culture, customs, and issues of health, wealth, education, deportation, citizenship and criminal justice
by Michigan State University School of Journalism & Sonia Nazario

Publisher: Front Edge Publishing

Publication Date: January 03, 2018

ISBN: 1230002073880

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This simple, introductory guide answers 100 of the basic questions people ask about U.S. immigrants and immigration in everyday conversation. It has answers about identity, language, religion, culture, customs, social norms, economics, politics, education, work, families and food. It also covers contemporary issues of race, employment, criminal justice, heath, wealth and housing. This guide is for people in business, education, religion, government, medicine, law and human resources who need a starting point for learning or teaching more about American immigrants.