100% God Proof

Deriving God and the Law of Attraction
by Nicolay Tesla Holz
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Publisher: Nicolay Tesla Holz

Series: 100% God Proof

Publication Date: May 28, 2015

ISBN: 9780993809934

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“Deriving God through Quantum Mechanics: What could be achieved if we had unshakeable faith in God, like we have in mathematics?" An axiom is a principle that is accepted as true without proof. Ask anyone what the answer to the equation 1+1 is, and they will always tell you “2.†In the beginning of this book stand 5 Axioms from the field of physics that nearly everyone has heard of and can comprehend. Together, these axioms are used to derive the highest principle known to mankind—the Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction, an undeniable fact, is the stepping stone to deriving God. By using the 5 Axioms and the Law of Attraction, author Nicolay Tesla Holz demonstrates a simple way to construct a universe that acts in every way like ours—a universe created by God. Through this approach, readers gain greater insight that will allow them to unlock the meaning of parables contained within scripture where the true nature of the Kingdom of God is revealed. As readers’ confidence in the derivations grow, they will begin to see how these derivations fit into Bible verses and other spiritual insights from various parts of the globe, and what was once dogma will reveal itself as hidden knowledge. 100% God Proof is a unique combination of science, philosophy and religion and uses concrete evidence to prove to readers that if one believes in the Law of Attraction, they believe in God. Our conscious is His conscious, and our will is His will. Just as there is no denying an axiom, there is no denying that God is with us 100%.