10 Reasons You Didn't Write an Outstanding Opinion

by Suzanne Reece

Publisher: Suzanne Reece

Publication Date: July 10, 2019

ISBN: 9780463042038

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Suzanne will show you the 10 reasons why some students don’t write outstanding opinions. Follow the advice in this book and you will NOT make the same mistakes. You will improve your opinion writing skills so that you meet the criteria for writing opinions on the BPTC.
You will improve the way you:
•Read and record key information
•Research and find information
•Enhance your critical thinking skills
•Improve how you form your ideas
•Organise your thoughts
•express your ideas
AND Write better opinions

“…a thorough analysis of how an Opinion should be written from start to finish. Suzanne identifies the key fundamentals that are essential to this process using the R.E.D. technique and follows this up with crucial advice to help the reader become an accomplished Opinion writer.”

District Judge Paul Brooks
Central London and Bromley County Courts

“It’s really helpful for opinion writing” Amazon 5-star review

“…she made me realise that opinion writing would be easy thanks to her methodical and systematic approach. As a result, I started enjoying writing opinions…” Vanessen