10 Lessons I Learned from Gilligan, Mr. Ed and Primetime TV

by Larry Brill

Publisher: Black Tie Books

Publication Date: August 14, 2017

ISBN: 9780988864375

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Dispensing advice on how to live a happy life is a 12 billion dollar chunk of the self-help and inspiration industry. Imagine all the money we could have saved if only we had paid attention to the pearls of wisdom that came from our favorite TV characters when we were growing up. This first book in our 10 Lessons series uses quotes from primetime TV shows as inspiration to make you giggle, laugh out loud, or just scratch your head and wonder about the author's sanity. But you also might find little bits of real advice poking through the fun, the kind we need to be reminded of from time to time to keep our lives in balance.