1 2 Die 4

by Miguel A. Fernandez

Publisher: Miguel A. Fernandez

Publication Date: April 18, 2016

ISBN: 9781311211620

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Sirens are legendary creatures, but they only approach those who embrace the real… David, a young and rebellious man who desires to fight for something that requires his entire will, finds his life drowning in a sea of injustice, social individualism and lack of ideals… In times when conformism provides social gratification, he is aware that any fight for freedom is lost in advance, yet fiercely keeps up a warrior spirit that drives him to entirely accept his fate. When facing two years in jail, a mysterious woman, Ariadna, appears in the darkness telling him her dream; a creative dream of ultimate redemption from all the planetary forces existent in the 21st century that aim to destroy all beauty and excellence in human lives…
Though unconscious of it, David finally surrenders completely to Ariadna´s magical dream… Being impelled by very mysterious currents, he is forced to incarnate absolute destruction, directly relating to techniques that render art, tradition and beauty into profit, fear and greed. By working for a well-known corporation that produces cosmetics, he is then driven by an unknown force that risks sinking his soul forever, yet finally manages to embrace the Herculean spirit of his Spanish land in order to personally defeat the modern Titans and gain inner mastery. Yet tragedy awaits for him; the tragedy of a hero who, way ahead of his time, is nevertheless defeated by the selfsame spirit of his time. Yet in his heart Ariadna´s dream shall be cherished forever.
1 2 Die 4 is the first novel of Miguel A. Fernandez, who finished writing it in 2005, and now decided to finally publish it. Fernandez is also author of the Solar Warrior trilogy of essays and the free novel “The Solar Doctrine”