. . . hold a gentle thought

Soft Prose, Poetry & Short Stories
by Gene Nay
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Publisher: AuthorHouse

Publication Date: June 22, 2015

ISBN: 9781481703581

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Many years ago suffering a series of deep personal losses, Gene wanted to die and planned to. Yet he knew that was wrong. Writing about these feelings eased the pain. Desperate to be able to hold some gentle thoughts, he began writing in earnest, reinterpreting these happenings for himself. Soon he could see other points of view which enabled him to cope. Focusing on setting these experiences to rhythm and rhyme took his attention from the pain. As his interest and capabilities grew so did his collection of writings. Sharing these words seemed to help others too. People had constantly encouraged him to publish. He began giving book signings, readings and public speaking. They would also return bringing others to hear these words. He wondered if he could put into prose, poetry and/or short stories the issues that he found difficult to deal with. If an incident was too sensitive, painful or joyous to think about, could he make it easier to cope with? Through the exercise of putting these experiences into one or more of these three choices of expression he became able to deal with his most extraordinary difficulties. Whether positive or negative, he could cope! Some readers say that their applying these principles gets good results. Now he just wants to put these words into the ears, hands and hearts of those who also seek to be able to . . . . . . hold a gentle thought.