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Beautifully Cruel

by M. William Phelps

<b>oPhelps is the Harlan Coben of real-life thrillers.o -Allison Brennan</b><br> a<br> Iowa housewife Tracey Pittman Roberts seemed to have it all- natural beauty, three loving children, and a fairy tale second marriage to a wealthy, handsome ...

ISBN: 9780786037285

Binding: Paperback


Befriend and Betray

by Alex Caine

The Hells Angels. The Bandidos. Asian triads. Russian mobsters and corrupt cops. Even the KKK. Just part of a day&#39;s work for Alex Caine, an undercover agent who has seen it all. Alex Caine started life as a working-class boy from Quebec who ...

ISBN: 9780330426091

Binding: Paperback


Behind Bars

by Anna Leask

<b>A raw, revealing and powerful account of life inside, as told by prison inmates.</b><br><b><br></b><i>Violence. Gangs. Drugs. Smuggling. Weapons. Scams. Hierarchy. Murder. <br>Welcome to prison life in New Zealand.<br></i><br>Most New ...

ISBN: 9780143770268

Binding: Paperback


Behind the Gates of Gomorrah

Life inside one of America's largest hospitals for the criminally insane, treating the real Hannibal Lecters of this world

by Stephen Seager

A extraordinary, eye-opening look behind the razor wire into life inside the walls of one of the most notorious hospitals for the criminally insane, a hellish world inhabited by mass murderers, serial killers, and other figures from our ...

ISBN: 9781760112301

Binding: Paperback


Bent Uncensored

by James;Lobez, Susanna; Morton

"The sensational murder convictions this winter of former NSW detectives Roger Rogerson and Glen McNamara for the killing of drug dealer Jamie Gao has meant that previously suppressed material in <i>Bent</i> can at last be read. James Morton ...

ISBN: 9780522870855

Binding: Paperback


Beyond Bad

by Sandra Lee

"BEYOND BAD is the shocking true story of Katherine Knight, the first Australian woman to be sentenced to serve out her life in prison. Her crime athe ritual slaying and skinning of her de facto husband for a cannibal feast ais the most ...

ISBN: 9781863253635

Binding: Paperback


Big Shots

by Adam Shand

'People reckon my life has been glamorous. Well if this is glamour, then they're just off their heads.' It was to be Carl Williams' last conversation behind bars with his unlikely confidante, reporter Adam Shand. Shortly afterwards, the drug ...

ISBN: 9780143007753

Binding: Paperback


Black Dahlia Avenger

A Genius for Murder: The True Story

by Steve Hodel

In 1947, the brutal, sadistic murder of a beautiful young woman named Elizabeth Short led to the largest manhunt in LA history. The killer teased and taunted the police and public for weeks, but his identity stayed a mystery, and the murder ...

ISBN: 9781628724394

Binding: Paperback


Black Mass (Film tie-in)

Whitey Bulger, The FBI and a Devil's Deal

by Dick Lehr

Now a major film starring Johnny Depp and Benedict Cumberbatch, Sienna Miller and Joel Edgerton. ...

ISBN: 9781782116240

Binding: Paperback


Black Widow

The true story of Australia's first female serial killer

by Carol Baxter

Fast-paced and surprising, this story of Australia's first female serial killer is as exciting as it is thought-provoking. ...

ISBN: 9781743315019

Binding: Paperback


Black Widow: How One Woman Got Justice for Her Murdered Brother The

by Lee-Anne Cartier

"<b>The Black Widow almost got away with murder. But then her sister-in-law became suspicious... </b> <b></b> The infamous Black Widow case shocked the nation. An average-looking suburban housewife carefully staged her husband's 'suicide'. At ...

ISBN: 9780143574309

Binding: Paperback


Blood Money

Bikies, terrorists and Middle Eastern gangs

by Clive Small

A meticulously researched and revealing expose of the new players in organised crime. ...

ISBN: 9781742376066

Binding: Paperback


Blood on the Streets

The A-Z of Glasgow Crime

by Robert Jeffrey

From Madelaine Smith and Oscar Slater, by way of the Bridgeton Billy Boys and the Norman Conks, through to modern villains like Paul Ferris and Tam McGraw, Glasgow's streets have spawned a succession of tales of true crime. This book presents an

ISBN: 9781845021344

Binding: Paperback


Blood Stain

by Peter Lalor

The true story of Katherine Knight, the mother and abattoir worker who became Australia's worst female killer. A must for true crime fans. ...

ISBN: 9781865088785

Binding: Paperback


Bloody Relations

by John Kerr

<p><b><i>It can take years for love to turn to murderous hate - or it can happen overnight.</i></b></p><p>What drives a man or woman to commit the ultimate betrayal - to take the life of a parent, a child, a sibling, a lover?</p><p><i>Bloody ...

ISBN: 9780143007685

Binding: Paperback


Bloody Scotland

Crime in 19th Century Scotland

by Malcolm Archibald

In the 19th century Scotland was depicted as a land of misty glens, engineering innovation and inventive genius. But Scotland was also the home of brutal murder, terrifying riots, child cruelty, bank robbery and acid attack. Women as well as men

ISBN: 9781845027896

Binding: Paperback


Bones: A Champion Horse, A Violent Drug Cartel, And The Race To Save A Sport Under Siege

by Joe Tone

Two brothers live parallel lives on either side of the US-Mexico border. This is the dramatic true story of how their worlds collided in a major criminal conspiracy. Jos&#233; Trevi&#241;o was raised in Nuevo Laredo, a Mexican border town and ...

ISBN: 9780008245573

Binding: Paperback


Breaking Vegas

by Ben Mezrich

"For nearly five years, he was known as the 'Darling Of Las Vegas'; the biggest high roller to hit Sin City in decades, a hotshot, twenty one year-old kid with a seemingly unlimited bankroll and an even more unlimited lust for big money action. ...

ISBN: 9780099490999

Binding: Paperback


Broken and Betrayed

The true story of the Rotherham abuse scandal by the woman who fought to expose it

by Jayne Senior

For fourteen years, Jayne Senior tried to help girls from Rotherham who had been groomed, raped, tortured, pimped and threatened with violence by sex traffickers. As the manager of Risky Business, which was set up to work with vulnerable teens, ...

ISBN: 9781509801626

Binding: Paperback


Broken Angels

A Mother's Story of Triumph Over Tragedy

by Nancye O'Reilly

Drama and tragedy have pursued Nancye O’Reilly throughout her life. Adopted as a baby and sexually abused from a young age, in 1980 she discovered her daughter Alicia had been raped and murdered in her own home overnight. The event changed her ...

ISBN: 9780908988341

Binding: Paperback