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Aircraft Electricity And Electronics 6/E

by Thomas Eismin

ISBN: 9780071799157

Binding: Paperback


Aircraft Maintenance And Repair 7/E

by Michael Kroes

ISBN: 9780071801508

Binding: Paperback


Aircraft Powerplants 9E

by Wild

ISBN: 9781259835704

Binding: Hardback


Basic Flight Physiology 3/E

by Richard Reinhart

ISBN: 9780071494885

Binding: Paperback


Commercial Aviation Safety

by Cusick

ISBN: 9781259641824

Binding: Hardback


Crimes Against Logic

by Jamie Whyte

ISBN: 9780071446433

Binding: Paperback


Exploring Traditional Chinese Festivals

by Guoliang Gai

ISBN: 9780071274111

Binding: Paperback


Exploring Traditional Marriage Customs

by Shaoyuan Wanyan

ISBN: 9780071274104

Binding: Paperback


Ford in New Zealand

Putting the Car Before the Horse

by John Stokes

This book looks at how the cars were built in Canada and shipped to NZ. Includes colour photos of the oldest known Canadian engined Model T (from 1913) in NZ, illustrating the notorious journey from Wellington to Auckland in 1912 an eight day ...

ISBN: 9781869664763

Binding: Hardback


Gen Combo Diesel Mechanics; Workbook

by Schulz

ISBN: 9781259669118

Binding: Book


How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive

A Manual of Step-by-Step Procedures for the Compleat Idiot

by Peter Aschwanden

ISBN: 9781566913102

Binding: Paperback


How To Read Water

Clues & Patterns from Puddles to the Sea

by Tristan Gooley

ISBN: 9781473615205

Binding: Hardback


How To Read Water

Clues & Patterns from Puddles to the Sea

by Tristan Gooley

ISBN: 9781473615229

Binding: Paperback


Internat'L Marine Log Book

by C. Nouse

ISBN: 9780070482371

Binding: Hardback


Into The Raging Sea: Thirty-Three Mariners, One Megastorm and the Sinking of the El Faro

by Rachel Slade

In the tradition of The Perfect Storm and Into Thin Air, Rachel Slade's Into the Raging Sea is a nail-biting account of the sinking of the container ship El Faro, the crew of thirty-three who perished onboard, and the destructive forces of ...

ISBN: 9780008302436

Binding: Hardback


Land Rover: The Story of the Car that Conquered the World

by Ben Fogle

As quintessentially British as a plate of fish and chips or a British Bulldog, the boxy, utilitarian Land Rover Defender has become an iconic part of what it is to be British. It is said that for more than half the world's population, the first

ISBN: 9780008194253

Binding: Paperback


Learning To Fly Helicopters 2/E

by R. Padfield

ISBN: 9780071808613

Binding: Paperback


Modern Compressible Flow: With Historical Perspective

by John Anderson

ISBN: 9780072424430

Binding: Hardback


Pbs Basic Aerobatics

by Geza Szurovy

ISBN: 9780070629264

Binding: Paperback


Pbs Marlinspike Sailor

by Hervey Smith

ISBN: 9780070592186

Binding: Paperback