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Sea Hornet: From the Cockpit: No 5


One of a series of dramatically illustrated books, written by the men in the cockpit and thus offering professional insight into the real capabilities of their aircraft. Flying characteristics, take-off and landing requirements, maintenance ...

ISBN: 9780946958610

Binding: Paperback


Ship Modeling From Stem To Stern

by Milton Roth

ISBN: 9780830628445

Binding: Paperback


Ship Modeling Simplified

by Frank Mastini

ISBN: 9780071558679

Binding: Paperback


Standard Aircraft Handbook for Mechanics and Technicians 7/E

by Larry Reithmaier

ISBN: 9780071826792

Binding: Hardback


Stick And Rudder

by Wolfgang Langewiesche

ISBN: 9780070362406

Binding: Hardback


The Magic of Old Tractors

by Ian Johnston

What is it about old tractors that is so fascinating and entrancing The sounds and smells of these old relics The hunt to find the rarest of models Or simply the memories such machines evoke The Magic of Old Tractors explores this intriguing ...

ISBN: 9781760790226

Binding: Paperback


The McGraw-Hill Desk Reference For Editors, Writers, And Proofreaders (Set 2)

by K. D. Sullivan

ISBN: 9780071470001

Binding: Mixed media product


The Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook

by Schiraldi

ISBN: 9780071840590

Binding: Paperback


The Truckie Who Loved Trains

The Biography of Ken Thomas - Founder of Thomas Nationwide Transport

by David Wilcox

This book is the biography of Ken Thomas, 1913 - 1997, and tells the story of his huge contribution to the development of Australian transport in the second half of the 20th century. In 1946, Ken bought a 5 ton truck and started out in the ...

ISBN: 9780646595702

Binding: Paperback


Three Revolutions

Steering Automated, Shared, and Electric Vehicles to a Better Future

by Daniel Sperling

<p><b>Policy recommendations from transportation experts for the coming electric, shared, and autonomous vehicle revolution</b></p><p>In <i>Three Revolutions</i>, transportation expert Dan Sperling and his collaborators share research-based ...

ISBN: 9781610919050

Binding: Paperback


Troubleshooting And Repairing Diesel Engines, 5E

by Dempsey

ISBN: 9781260116434

Binding: Paperback


Truck And Trailer Systems

by Mike Thomas

ISBN: 9780071809535

Binding: Hardback


Understanding Flight 2/E

by David W. Anderson

ISBN: 9780071626965

Binding: Paperback


Weather Flying 5/E

by Robert Buck

ISBN: 9780071799720

Binding: Hardback


When In Germany, Do As The Germans Do

by Flippo

ISBN: 9781260121636

Binding: Paperback


When Loose Cannon Flogs Dead H

by Olivia Isil

ISBN: 9780070328778

Binding: Paperback


Why Didnt I Think Of That (Paperback)

by John Roberts

ISBN: 9780070532212

Binding: Paperback