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Goodbye iSlave: A Manifesto for Digital Abolition

by Jack Lichuan Qiu

ISBN: 9780252082122

Binding: Paperback


Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles

A Step-by-Step Guide to 34 Spectacular Hairstyles

by Eric Mayost

ISBN: 9781402785894

Binding: Paperback


Greatest Inventions of All Time

by Jillian Powell

ISBN: 9780750297806

Binding: Paperback


Groundwater and Seepage


The movement of groundwater is a basic part of soil mechanics. It is an important part of almost every area of civil engineering, agronomy, geology, irrigation, and reclamation. Moreover, the logical structure of its theory appeals to ...

ISBN: 9780486668819

Binding: Paperback


Handbook Of Hydraulics

by Lindell

ISBN: 9781259859687

Binding: Hardback


Handbook of Metal Injection Molding, Second Edition

by Heaney

s, and Technological Advances s, and Technological Advances ...

ISBN: 9780081021521

Binding: Paperback


Head-related Transfer Function and Virtual Auditory Display

by Bosun Xie

Discusses and summarizes the basic principles and applications of head-related transfer functions and virtual auditory display. This book details the basic principles and applications of head-related transfer function (HRTF) and virtual auditory

ISBN: 9781604270709

Binding: Hardback


Healthcare Data Analytics and Management

by Made Simple Computing

ion and Management ion and Management ...

ISBN: 9780128153680

Binding: Paperback


Helicopter Theory


The history of the helicopter may be traced back to the Chinese flying top (c. 400 B.C.) and to the work of Leonardo da Vinci, who sketched designs for a vertical flight machine utilizing a screw-type propeller. In the late nineteenth century, ...

ISBN: 9780486682303

Binding: Paperback


History and Philosophy of Fluid Mechanics


Through the centuries, the intricacies of fluid mechanics - the study of the laws of motion and fluids in motion - have occupied many of history's greatest minds. In this pioneering account, a distinguished aeronautical scientist presents a ...

ISBN: 9780486681030

Binding: Paperback


History of Mechanical Inventions


""The book is without peer in its field."" - American ScientistIn this completely revised and enlarged edition of a classic work in the history of technology, a noted scholar explores the importance of technological innovation in the cultural ...

ISBN: 9780486255934

Binding: Paperback


History of Strength of Materials


Strength of materials is that branch of engineering concerned with the deformation and disruption of solids when forces other than changes in position or equilibrium are acting upon them. The development of our understanding of the strength of ...

ISBN: 9780486611877

Binding: Paperback


How to Start and Run a B&B, 4th Edition

by Stewart Whyte

ISBN: 9781472140593

Binding: Paperback


Howard Tractors

by Shane Djuric

<p>Howard tractors were built and sold in Australia from 1922 until 1985.&nbsp; They are a part of Australia’s agricultural heritage.<br></p> <p>A.C. Howard &nbsp;(known as Cliff) was an Australian inventor and pioneer.&nbsp; He first produced ...

ISBN: 9780994562739

Binding: Paperback


Hydraulics of Groundwater


This text explores the laws and equations that govern the flow and storage of groundwater in aquifers. It provides groundwater hydrologists, as well as engineers and planners who deal with the development and management of groundwater resources,

ISBN: 9780486453552

Binding: Paperback


Imagination and a Pile of Junk

A Droll History of Inventors and Inventions

by Trevor Norton

ISBN: 9781444732580

Binding: Paperback




Scientists and engineers have long been interested in solving problems dealing with impact theory and behavior-an area involving tool design, foundry and machine-shop operations, ordnance and explosions, vehicular accidents, and many other ...

ISBN: 9780486420042

Binding: Paperback


Information Theory


Developed by Claude Shannon and Norbert Wiener in the late 1940s, information theory, or statistical communication theory, deals with the theoretical underpinnings of a wide range of communication devices: radio, television, radar, computers, ...

ISBN: 9780486665214

Binding: Paperback


Ingenious Patents (Revised)

Bubble Wrap, Barbed Wire, Bionic Eyes, and Other Pioneering Inventions

by Ben Ikenson

ISBN: 9780316438490

Binding: Hardback


Inorganic and Composite Fibers: Production, Properties, and Applications

by Mahltig

ISBN: 9780081022283

Binding: Paperback